Système WFS DIY

Système de sonorisation WFS open-source.
Patch de Pierre-Olivier Boulant fonctionnant dans Max8 sous Windows ou MacOS.
Documentation en français disponible

Open-source WFS sound reinforcement system.
Designed by Pierre-Olivier Boulant. Running with Max8 on Windows or MacOS.
English documentation available.

mise à jour du / updated 2023/06/01

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WFS training(s)

You are a venue concerned with keeping your technicians up to date with the latest know-how in sound reinforcement?
You work as a sound designer for a theatre or dance company and you would like to have develop your writing of soundscapes on stage?
You are a training centre and you would like to give your trainees tools they can go home with, tools they can keep using after the course is finished?
Get in touch with us for any training in WFS!

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Sound reinforcement and intelligibility in acoustically challenging venues.

In some places, like churches that have very long reverberation times, voices and musical instruments can lose very quickly their definition. Sound reinforcement may be necessary. But when it is done with large speakers on both sides of the sound stage it can cause the acoustics to get louder and blur even more the sound because of a lack of spatial coherence.
In this case can WFS be the solution?

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